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MRK Auctions - Mark Schustrin

Mark Schustrin

Founder and CEO of MRK Auctions

Mark Schustrin hails from Los Angeles, CA and cherishes his role as a father to his daughter, Ava. Their shared passions include playing soccer, museum visits, artistic pursuits like painting, invigorating hikes, and their ultimate favorite: beach outings! While Mark relishes his work as an auctioneer, nothing quite compares to the joy of fatherhood for him.

Honestly, I have truly found my calling. I believe my purpose in life is to work with my wonderful clients and their donors to raise much needed funds for incredible causes. With a degree in Art History and a background in theater and sales, I have found my way to the world of benefit auctions. I wear my heart on my sleeve and your donors will feel that. My energetic approach mixed with my earnest sincerity lends itself to creating a safe space for donors to give. 

And it seems to work.  Time after time I break previous fundraising records and receive the most positive feedback confirming I am where I’m supposed to be – raising funds for a worthy cause like yours.

- Mark Schustrin
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"I was born to do this."

Award-Winning Live Auctioneer

A Dynamic and Engaging Auction Performance

Professional Representative for your Nonprofit

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