MRK Auctions is dedicated to helping our non-profit partners raise more money to be able to do more good. MRK prides itself on helping the fundraising revenue grow year after year through event consultation and stellar auction execution.

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Mark Schustrin, BAS

Professional Auctioneer
Fundraising Specialist

Welcome, I’m Mark Schustrin, founder and lead auctioneer at MRK Auctions. Give me a room full of donors and a microphone and we’ll break records. I was born for this.

Growing up, I either wanted to be a fireman or an entertainer. My love for acting won out. From the excitement I found being on stage and a degree in art history, my career took shape when I accepted an opportunity with an international art auction house. I quickly worked my way up the ladder and became one of the top auctioneers during my 5 years with the company. I loved the challenge of keeping the crowd interested and engaged for the long period of an auction.

While traveling the world and conducting thousands of art auctions, I had the opportunity to be the lead auctioneer for a Make-A-Wish Foundation fundraiser. This particular auction raised the most funds that any previous auctioneer ever had within the company. This was the moment where I saw the true potential of auctions as not only a way to sell art, but also as an incredible way to fundraise. Years after establishing my career and being awarded the Benefit Auctioneer Specialist (BAS) designation by the National Auctioneers Association (NAA), it continues to be extremely gratifying to utilize my skills as an auctioneer to help organizations raise funds to do more good. Our goal is to increase the fundraising revenue of as many charitable nonprofits as possible, allowing them to have a greater impact on the world.

What sets us apart from other benefit auction companies? My perfect blend of fundraising knowledge and auctioneering expertise. Being an auctioneer is part theater and part psychology. Knowing how to read your audience is paramount to getting everyone at your auction to participate and stretch their capacity to support your organization. When we partner the importance of your cause with our high-energy and engaging auction style, it’s a combination for a big win.

If it sounds like we may be a good fit with your organization, contact us now to discuss how we can make your event even better.

-Mark Schustrin, Benefit Auctioneer Specialist

MRK Auctions - Benefit Auctioneer

MRK offers comprehensive services in addition to a live auctioneer. MRK has a team of professional ringmen who add excitement to the auction and encourage more bidding. Additionally, MRK can provide assistance with video and content production, grant writing, event planning and more. Our strategic vendor partnerships, from venues to auction software and online bidding platforms can increase your fundraising success exponentially!

Mark Schustrin Benefit Auctioneer Specialist & Fundraising Consultant.
Get more bids, raise more funds, do more good.

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